2704, 2017

Why Experience Matters When Hiring a Video Production Company

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In this day and age of marketing videos, content seems ubiquitous. It penetrates every aspect of your virtual experience from interrupting your Hulu and Youtube videos to popping up in your instagram and facebook feeds. You are likely to find yourself skipping over some, and pausing on others. Some you find endearing, some strange, and […]

2202, 2017

Creating Video is Great for Team Building

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Any savvy company knows that creating strong team chemistry is conducive to a healthy work environment. Team building fosters efficiency and productivity, increases communication and empathy among employees, and boosts office morale and motivation. Typical outings for dinner or joining a sports league foster friendliness and competition. But these can become stale experiences for employees, […]

402, 2017

Is Animation Right for your Project?

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Animation is great for conveying both simple and complex ideas across multiple video types. A terrific addition to any project, animated elements help to emphasize your key marketing points with ease. Using clean graphic images, smooth tracking movement, and eye-catching colors, animation readily draws an audience in and holds their gaze. You may be asking […]

901, 2017

Eclipse Website Launch!

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We get really excited when we get the chance to work with a company like Eclipse on their website launch. We were given a tight deadline, but with collaborative efforts from our combined teams we got the job done. Eclipse is an up and coming venture firm that uses a hands-on investor approach to really […]

209, 2016

Looking For Ways to Promote Your Art?

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Just finishing up post production of MACLA’s Community-Supported Art (CSA) Program videos. Located in San Jose, MACLA brings together a wide array of artists who derive inspiration from their Hispanic, Latino/ Latina, Chicano/Chicana roots. It was wonderful to get to sit down and speak with Ashley Lopez-Gonzales, Pilar Aguero-Esparza, Armando Castellano, and Paul Flores about […]

808, 2016

A Must Have For Your Next Big Event!


So excited about these swanky photo booths created by one of our clients! They are sure to help any event become a memorable one.
Kande’s state-of-the-art LED glowing photo booths are packed with the best photography equipment and software which are sure to dazzle and impress your guests!  They specialize in rentals for weddings, special parties, and corporate […]

1503, 2015

Get Voyo!


Voyomotive is developing a new generation of automotive technologies to increase safety, security, fuel efficiency and driving fun. Voyo connects your smartphone to your car, and your car to the cloud to increase driver safety and convenience. It is a small device that plugs into the diagnostic port of your car. The app can be […]

2302, 2015

How Important is Product Photography?

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Quality product photography can be the deciding factor when it comes to a customer’s decision on whether or not to make an online purchase. This is because people remember only 20 percent of what the read, but 80 percent of what they see. So at the end of the day, the better the products look, […]

902, 2015

Video Marketing Is The Future: How To Integrate It Into Your Marketing Campaign

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Did you know that a 1 minute video can account for 1.8 million words? Or that 100 million people watch online videos each day? And that 90% of online users find videos helpful when making decisions about purchasing products?

Nearly a decade ago, before sites like YouTube and Vimeo were launched, video marketing was rare, if […]

402, 2015

Super Bowl Commercials

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As a video marketing company, commercials are very important to us. And we believe that with an audience of 114.4 million people, it is essential that companies appeal to the diversity of the viewers.


Doritos – Middle Seat

The Doritos “Middle Seat” commercial is relatable to the average consumer, probably because it was created by an average […]